Urology Department
Urology department offers a wide range of medical and surgical services related to the urinary system (kidneys, bladder and urethra), the genital system and prostate.
  • Treatment of stone disease , with up to date minimally invasive flexible scopes and laser fragmentation of stones.
  • Treatment for prostate diseases, including up to date Green laser vaporization and Rezum technology.
  • Management of voiding dysfunction, incontinence, nocturnal enuresis.
  • Management of pediatric abnormalities, undescended testis, hydrocele, hydronephrosis,
  • Early detection and Management of urinary tract tumors, kidney , bladder , prostate, and testes.
  • Andrological problems of males( erectile dysfunction and penile prosthesis surgeries), ejaculatory disorders, abnormal curvatures and peyronie s disease. Including shock wave applications). Male infertility and subfertility.

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