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We Treat Locomotor Dysfunctions With Various Pain And Limitation Of Movements With Musculoskeletal & Neuromuscular Origin.
Musculoskeletal Conditions Musculoskeletal Dysfunctions :
  • Cervical, Lumbar conditions – Spondylosis, disc herniation, neuralgia, myalgia etc.,
  • Shoulder conditions – tendinitis, capsulitis, rotator cuff injury, etc.,
  • Soft tissue lesions – Strain, sprains, tendon ligament tendon injury, sports injury management etc.,
  • Repetitive stress injury – Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, dequervines tenosynovitis, calcaneal Para tendinitis, trigger finger etc.,
  • Post traumatic conditions with pain and stiffness.
  • Temporomandibular dysfunctions.
  • Postural correction.
Neuromuscular Conditions:
  • Sciatica, brachial neuralgia, other pain and paresthesia of neuro muscular origin.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel syndrome etc.,
  • Headaches, Vertigo, Tinnitus of Neuromuscular/ Musculoskeletal origin.
  • Adult Rehabilitation In Orthopedic
Pre and post-operative Joint replacements, Post traumatic stiffness – medical and surgical complications, Collateral /meniscal repair, post fracture complications.
Adult Neurological Conditions
Stroke management, Peripheral nerve injury, pre and post-operative spinal surgeries.
Pediatric Rehabilitation In Orthopedics And Neurological Conditions
Delayed milestones, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophies.
Geriatric Rehabilitation
Fall risk assessment and management, Exercise prescription for various geriatric conditions.
Women Health
Pelvic pain syndrome, PRE & POST NATAL CARE – Management of low back pain, Exercise prescription post Caesarian delivery. Acute And Chronic Intensive Care And High Dependency Care Physiotherapy For Inpatients, Pre And Post Surgical Conditions
Physiotherapy For Diabetic Consultation And Education
Exercise prescription, Diabetic Foot care, walking protocol etc.,
Facilities :
Facial Manipulation Therapy For Locomotor Dysfunctions With Pain And Movement Limitations Of Various Regions Of Human Body. (1st Of Its Kind) Manual Therapies For Musculoskoletal And Neuromuscular Dysfunctions. Pain Management Eletrotherapy Modalities:
  • Combination Therapy
  • Interferential Therapy
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Tens Machine
  • Electrical Stimulation
Therapeutic Exercises Prescribed For Individual Conditions. Corrective Exercises/ Advice For Postural Problems.

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