Dr. Rachid Al Kudsi

Consultant Neurosurgeon

About Dr. Rachid Al Kudsi
Dr. Rachid Al-Kudsi is Neurosurgery consultant with 38 years experience in neurosurgey. Dr. Kudsi has Fellowship in Psycho-neuroSX (Spain), Fellowship in Opthalmo-neuroSX (Spain), Fellowship in orto-neuroSX (Spain), MIR-certification (Spain), Neurosurgery Diploma (Spain), MD . Certification. University of Zaragoza. Dr. Kudsi worked as consultant neurosurgeon in Syria, Spain.

  • Major Neurosurgeries: is vertebral disc herniation, vertebral fixation
  • Advanced surgery: Pituitary tumor surgery, brain tumors
  • Tumors and malignancies of vertebra
  • Trauma surgery including advanced trauma
  • Advance surgery for orbit
  • Peripheral nerve surgery
  • More than 38 years
    English, Arabic & Spanish
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