Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Lotfy Moharram Basim

Specialist Anesthesiologist
About Dr. Ashraf Mohammed Lotfy
Dr. Ashraf Basim is equipped with more than 19 years of professional experience. He obtained his MD Degree in Anesthesia from Suez Canal University, Egypt. He was also lecture in Suez Canal University Hospital, Egypt. Dr. Basim worked with various reputed hospitals in Egypt, KSA and UAE
  • Ultrasound Guided Nerver block
  • Invasive monitoring of Cardiac and respiratory system
  • Management fof status epilepticus
  • Mechanical ventilation of all type
  • Heart failure management in acute setting.
  • Doctorate of Medicine (M.D) Degree in Anesthesia.
    More than 19 Years experience
    English, Arabic
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