Dr. Akram Nadim Ali

Specialist Gastroenterologist
About Dr Akram Ali
Dr Akram Ali graduated from Syria in 1984. He got his specialization in Gastroenterology from Syria in 1989 and has an experience over 33 years in Gastroenterology medicine across various hospitals in Syria, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and UAE .
Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy ,Abdominal ultrasound:

Endoscopic treatment of Gastroenterology bleeding (all procedures): rubber band ligation esophageal varices, sclerotherapy, Botox injection, balloon dilation, of achalasia, Gastrointestinal strictures cre balloon dilation, endoscopic treatment of obesity, balloons insertion and removal, foreign body removal, polypectomy, peg 24-20 gastrostomy, hemorrhoids ligation, anal perianal endoscopic treatment, ERCP, EUS
– College degree equivalence committee(collegium), Ministry of Health, Syria 1984 Diploma general practitioner, Romania 1984.
– Specialist in Gastroenterology from Ministry of Health, Syria 1989 Syrian board in 2015.
33 years of experience in Gastroenterology medicine.
English, Arabic & Romanian
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