Dr. A. Karim Albanna

Specialist Orthodontics

About Dr. A Karim Albanna
Dr. Abdul Karim Al Banna started his career as a general dentist in 1974 at Sharjah dental Centre in the city of Sharjah.
In 1989 Dr. Al Banna established the Dental Care Centre, which was renamed as the Rimal Medical Centre in the year 2007 to date.
He owns and manages the medical Centre, while working under his supervision a lot of doctors.
Dr. Al Banna’s interest and dedication in Dentistry has a rich history.
He has a vast amount of experience in the Orthodontic field. He worked on clinical research in various countries like Singapore, Damascus, Germany, Roma, Azerbaijan etc. He has licenses and certification in the Abu Dhabi Ministry of Health. Also in The Societa’ Italiana di Ortodonia in Milan. He has also attended and participated in Progressive orthodontic seminars, and courses in implantology and orthodontics in Singapore and Roma, Italy.
He also has membership in professional societies like the Azerbaijan Orthodontic Society, The Italian Orthodontic Society, The Emirates Medical Association, American Dental Association and the Singapore Dental Association.
He is a member in American Orthodontic society.
Apart from the medical field, he enjoys various hobbies like Tennis, Skiing, and swimming, basketball, camping and outdoors sport.

  • Metal and Ceramic Brackets
  • Very difficult cases of Orthodontics Surgery
  • Lingual Orthodontics
  • Invasalign
  • Tempro Mandibular Joint disorders
  • Dental Implant.
    • BSc in Dentistry and Phd in Orthodontics
    • Member of American Orthodontic Society (AOS)
    Professional Work Experience
  • Experienced in treating up to 15 patients daily
  • Consulting patients to identify specific issues
  • Experienced and treated malocclusion dental issues
  • Experienced in Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome
  • Experienced with metal, porcelain and several braces dental material
  • Experienced in treating patients with critical dental problem
  • Experienced in hereditary dental disorders and issues
  • Treating patients of all age groups, starting at the age of 4 to 70
  • Comoros

    English,  Arabic & Urdu

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