Oncology Department
The Cancer Center at Saudi German Hospital Sharjah, UAE provides comprehensive and compassionate cancer care by a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists, covering prevention, diagnosis, acute and long-term treatment plan, neoadjuvant and postoperative chemo management of possible complications, emotional and psychological support, nutritional recommendations, pain management, follow-up and monitoring of possible recurrence. Our center has full capacity of expertise treating the following service.
Breast (Investigation, Surgery, Chemotherapy)
Breast Surgical Oncology: Active management of all breast diseases (benign and malignant) with ultrasound and digital mammogram directed biopsies, pathological evaluation and multidisciplinary tumor including:
  • Partial/total mastectomy
  • Breast tumors, including imaging, needle biopsy.
  • Axillary Sentinel Lymph node / axillary lymph node dissection.
  • Chemotherapy (neoadjuvant, adjuvant and palliative), targeted therapy and hormonal therapy.
Up to date investigation and management and benign and cancer skin lesions.
Thyroid + Parathyroid
We have up to date facility of investigation for thyroid, parathyroid gland disease. Surgery run by an expert surgeon with high experience trained and qualified from western countries.
Salivary gland
Salivary glands surgical oncology: parotid, submandibular and minor salivary gland surgeries for the benign and malignant condition with neoadjuvant and postoperative adjuvant protocols.
Orthopedic Department run by consultant with the high experience in the bone tumor, X-ray department equipped with the advance CT-Scan, MRI and nuclear medicine department. This facility helps surgeons to have a thorough investigation of bone tumor.
Full investigations and treatment of chronic Leukaemia and Lymphoma. Gastrointestinal (colon, rectum, anal canal). Upper gastrointestinal surgical oncology: Gastric Tumors, Pancreas, Liver, and Biliary system with preoperative sampling, staging and neoadjuvant. Stomach laparoscopic partial and total gastrectomy.
Hepatectomy, Segmentectomy, and Gallbladder cancer surgery Common bile duct disease: Benign or malignant including radical lymph node.
Whipple procedure with laparoscopic subtotal pancreatectomy, distal pancreatectomy. Chemotherapy (neoadjuvant, adjuvant and palliative).
laparoscopic & open splenectomy
Kidney + Bladder + Prostate
  • Kidney tumor: partial and total nephrectomies
  • Radical cystectomies and bladder conduit creation
  • Prostatectomies with radical lymph node dissection
  • Penile and testicular tumors
  • Chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormonal therapy.
  • Retroperitoneal tumours
  • Surgical oncology supporting services.
Gynae + Ovary + Uterus Gynecological – Surgical Oncology: Management of a different type of Gynecological tumors of cervix, vagina, uterus, and ovaries with different modalities of diagnosis including CT and MRI with tissue sampling and tumor markers evaluation with different modalities of surgical management including:
  • Surgical management of ovarian cancer.
  • Total abdominal hysterectomy + bilateral adnexectomy + pelvic lymphadenectomy
  • Lumbo-aortic lymphadenectomy + omentectomy +/- appendicectomy for mucinous type cancers.
  • Laparoscopic conservative treatment for borderline ovarian tumors (including laparoscopic omentectomy)
  • Surgical management of cervical cancer
  • Total abdominal colpohysterectomy+/- bilateral adnexectomy + pelvic lymphadenectomy
  • Surgical management of endometrial cancer.

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